At this point the cards were not looking good for Toni and Adolph.  Toni admittedly thinking Adolph had a girlfiend briefly shifted her attention to the (back then) good looking Chris Schubert.   As the day wore on and the sun began to set Toni's older sister Stefanie took the rains and invited the guys to grab a few drinks at the Ritz.  All three of the guys thinking they had a shot at Toni didn't think twice and headed straight to the bar.  So the truth is that neither Toni nor Adolph picked each other up, the thanks actually go to Anne and Stefanie.  Anyways, as we got to the bar we began to order drinks and the four 21 year olds had no problem getting our drinks without a form of ID but as Stefanie (10 years older than us) went to order she was asked for her ID and to her dismay did not have her license.   Although drinkless Stef champed it out as Adolph and Toni engaged in their first legitamate conversation.   Toni quickly figured out that Adolph wasn't dating Joanna and Adolph quickly figured out that he had met the girl of his dreams.    The next two days went by and Adolph/Toni were unseperable but interestingly enough they didn't even do so much as high five before Adolph's family departed for Key West.  Toni's number in Adolph's phone he left Naples not knowing when/if he would ever see this amazing woman again.  


         Vacations expired and Adolph and Toni made their way back to school.  After several weeks Toni reached out to Adolph and asked him if he would come visit her at University of Delaware.  Both of them knew that the had felt something in Florida and needed to meet again.   Adolph now had a decision to make.  Should he travel over to the east coast to visit someone he had known for a little under 48 hours?  After consulting with numerous friends the consensus was that he had to go and give it a shot.  Two weeks later Adolph landed in Delaware to a smiling Toni and the rest is history.


​august, 2009  

        Our journey first began on the beautiful beaches of Naples, Florida in late August of 2009.   Whenever anyone ask's how we met the honest answer is "on a beach in Florida".   And the story goes as follows: Adolph's mother Anne is notorious for venturing down to the beach at sun up and never retreating (rain or shine).  While on vacation with two of his best friends, Chris Schubert and Nick Eberly, Adolph was late to rise one morning.  Around 10AM he got a call from his mother who obviously had already made her way down to the beach, "Adolph you better get your butt down here, there is a beautiful girl by herself on the beach and I'm going to pick her up for you."  Well that beautiful girl ended up being Antonia Paterakis (Toni from this point on) and by the time Adolph had made it down to beach Toni, Annette (Toni's mother) and Anne were all enjoying cocktails and lounging on floats in the Gulf of Mexico.   Soon conversations dwindled and Anne returned to her throne aka the beach chair.  She continued to attempt to push Adolph into a conversation with Toni but too interested in drinks and jet skis (truth is that he was scared) he only made small side conversations.   Toni to this day tells everyone that she didn't continue conversations with Adolph because she initially saw him riding the jet ski with another girl and assumed this was his girlfriend.  In reality this was his 18 year old sister Joanna.